They work in 3 steps:
Recognition: F(ab’)2 fragments specifically recognize venom components.
Binding: F(ab’)fragments bind to venom components.
Elimination: The antivenom-venom complex is then naturally eliminated from the body.

InoserpTM PAN-AFRICA effectively covers the main medical important species of the region.
WHO category 1 (highest medical importance): “Highly venomous snakes which are common or widespread and cause numerous snakebites, resulting in high levels of morbidity or mortality”

InoserpTM PAN-AFRICA is composed of equine derived antibodies or immunoglobulin fragments F(ab’)2, which have been raised against the venoms of medically important species of the sub-Saharan region. Antivenom has to be administered as soon as possible to neutralize venom toxins before they are deleterious on the body.

All studies performed have shown that InoserpTM PAN-AFRICA rapidly reduces bleeding and neurotoxic disorders. The rate of amputation and death has been shown to be very low. In a recent independent review of the available clinical data InoserpTM PAN-AFRICA appears in the short-list of polyvalent antivenoms available in Sub-Saharan Africa with the most favorable befit/risk ratio.

The initial dose of InoserpTM PAN-AFRICA is 2 vials and should be administered intravenously through slow direct injection of infusion. It should be administered as soon as possible after the first signs of envenomation in order to maximize its efficacy. It is recommended to evaluate the patient every 2 hours after the initial administration and renew administration (2 vials) as long as symptoms persist or are getting worse. A larger number of vials might be administered depending on the severity or the type of envenomation such as neurotoxic bites.

The most frequently reported adverse events are nausea, vomiting and cough. Pruritus, urticaria, vertigo, dyspnea and hypotension were also observed.

Our antivenoms are lyophilized and can be stored at room temperature up to 30ºC with possible excursions up to 40ºC. This makes the management of the antivenom very convenient and inexpensive compared to liquid presentations, particularly in tropical regions.

The manufacturing process of our antivenoms is in compliance with the highest GMPs standards especially with regards to batch reproducibility and product stability.


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