Inosan is a biotechnology company that has integrated innovation and internal development of knowledge and technology to manufacture medicines for vulnerable patients' emergencies


To be leaders in bringing value and well-being to humanity through the management of safe, effective and high benefit biotechnology products


To be recognized worldwide as the leading biopharmaceutical company that will take its medicines to the farthest corners of the world, to heal those who need it


  • Be Science-Based: We base our actions on the scientific method as a logical, systematic and rational process. We see science as the guiding axis of scientific innovation, continuous improvement and the constant evolution of knowledge.

  • Passion for life: We work tirelessly to satisfy the needs of our medical staff, patients and collaborators, through the spirit of excellence and the passion to do everything with the best quality to inspire others.

  • Constant evolution: We tirelessly seek personal, corporate and scientific challenge because we know there is always room for improvement. This principle keeps us constantly evolving in the search for the best results.

  • Innovation as a driving force: We know that we live in a changing world, so we believe that innovation is the only way to face challenges through a creative, scientific, systematic and logical process that integrates technology, science and curiosity as the guiding axes of change.

  • Agile and lean performance: We foster a high-performance culture driven by commitment, optimization and process refinement.